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Massage in Edinburgh

Popular voucher and group sites will sell you 60min massage deal for £19. The question is whether a good quality service for this price is possible once these group sites take their cut. If you want a professional massage you can Violet's Beauty Room direct deal £19 for your first 60min massage (one per person but you can buy vouchers for your friends and family) Choice of 60min massage from one of the best therapists in Edinburgh

Best massage deal in Edinburgh

Spa or a massage therapy room

Having access to facilities like saunas and jacuzzi certainly helps in relaxing. There are plenty of great spas in Edinburgh offering these facilities. Still, a good massage therapist will put you at ease simply by touch of warm hands on your back.
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I highly recommend visiting a number of massage therapists and sticking to the one that you feel most confident with. Give Violet's Beauty Room Edinburgh Massage Studio a try.
20min back, neck and shoulder massage for £12

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